elluna organic beauty dubai
elluna organic beauty dubai

About Elluna Organic Beauty

Elluna Organic Beauty is a dedicated space that will feature curated, organic, and vegan-friendly items. We at Elluna Organic Beauty aim to offer people the most authentic, sustainable, and environmentally conscious skincare, clothing, and cosmetics.

Our goal is to better inform people in the Middle East about the impact of their choices and create a loyal community by introducing the market to clean beauty goods with quality, natural ingredients.

From Ella

Ella, the founder of Elluna Organic Beauty, started her journey in 2011 in a hairdressing business and continued to grow her career in the sustainable beauty industry. Elluna Organic Beauty is a natural extension of what Ella likes and knows. Ella is a spiritual soul who is strongly connected to the environment and nature.

Ella aims to extend a helping hand to her fellow sisters and mothers as they embark on their journey of womanhood. Her world is now about ingredients, new researches, old traditions, herbal secrets, she is exploring better ways for herself and women like her.

Elluna Organic Beauty? Yes!

Why choose Elluna Organic Beauty? Because we believe that every person is entitled to have knowledge about the products they choose. We envision a world where every person is aware of and has the opportunity to easily purchase natural skincare, cosmetics, and sustainable clothing.

Our aim is to create a place where you feel at home, find what you need, and get tips and insights about the natural and organic alternatives your skin desires. Like the moon guides the start, let Elluna Organic Beauty be your guide!