Avoid Dry Skin This Winter: Here’s How?

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Winter can be slightly tough on your skin, making it dehydrated. It is your responsibility to make sure your skin gets the hydration and nutrition it needs to stay healthy throughout the year, even in winter.


The reason our skin can look less lively in winter is that the weather becomes very dry and cold which strips the moisture from your skin. This applies to your entire skin that means your face, hands, feet, and everything in between.


We are here to help inform you about the steps you can take to avoid dry skin in the winter. Follow these steps and keep your skin healthy even when the temperature drops:


  • Moisturize

Every time you wash your skin you strip it of the oils that keep it hydrated and lock in moisture. This is why moisturizing regularly is important, especially in winter. It is advised to keep a moisturizer available in your bathroom and to make a habit of applying it especially after a shower or after washing your hands and face.


  • Sunscreen

While most people might think sunscreen is useless in winter, they’d be wrong! Indeed, the sun is not as visible or harsh during winter, however, the UV rays it emits are still reaching our skin. We recommend applying your sunscreen daily in the morning after your moisturizer to protect your skin.


  • Maintain your Morning Routine

Winter might bring about some changes, but your morning skincare routine should remain consistent. Don’t forgo your morning routine, instead, make sure you keep applying your serums, lotions, and creams every morning to keep your skin hydrated, fresh, and protected.


  • Nighttime Routine

Amplify your nighttime routine with emollients that add a layer of hydration to your skin that is vital specifically in winter. Emollients can be quite heavy, which is why applying them overnight is ideal as the skin gets enough uninterrupted time to take in all the benefits.


  • Drink plenty of water

Hydration through moisturizers and creams is great but make sure you pair them with inner hydration too. Drinking water can help rejuvenate your skin cells and support their repair process. Water has many benefits for your body in general, and great ones for your skin specifically. Drinking water can help reduce acne and wrinkles while also restoring your skin’s elasticity.


  • Shop consciously

What you put on your skin can also have effects on how it looks. Make sure you are shopping consciously for the best clothing and fabric that is made from organic and natural ingredients through sustainable processes.


This winter your skin shall glow and reward you when you feed it the nutrients and nourishment it needs. Check out our skincare collection that offers a wide range of products that work for different skin types and needs.


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