dafnas skincare products at elluna organic beauty dubai
dafnas skincare products at elluna organic beauty dubai


100% Clean Beauty

  • All our products are certified as natural with organic percentage.
  • We say NO to ALL grey ingredients – and use only ingredients with purpose. All of the ingredients our certified.
  • We are against animal testing.
  • As our INCI is 100%clean, and we want our clients to know it- we mark on the product box the origin of each ingredient.

100% Clean Beauty

Natural Bio-Active Ingredients

dafnas skincare products at elluna organic beauty dubai
  • We use only the highest grade of natural and eco active ingredients.
  • Non of the ingredients are GMO.
  • All ingredients ae certified to be clean, natural /bio by Natrue or ecocert.
  • We strictly choose ingredients with a meaning behind it; that are beneficial to the skin and Will create amazing results.
  • We DO NOT use any grey ingredients where we are not sure on the results over the skin.
  • We never use ingredients that have been tested on animals.
  • We are vegan(in some creams we use bees wax, and this is the only ingredient that can be considered not vegan.)

Why Do We Need My Moment Ritual?

Our wellbeing determinates how we feel and look. Dafna has developed My MomentTM routine to help us reconnect with our inner center.

In Dafna ́s personal skincare ,we go beyond addressing skin issues, and we are proving you with this ritual to treat yourself as a whole being inside and outside.

This routine is based on the application of our product with a unique massage, traditional oriental pulsing techniques and essential oils impact because we want to elevate your skin ritual, to another level.

Bringing My Moment TM ritual into your life would potentially help you to reduce your daily stress and have a healthier, more radiant skin.

100% Clean Beauty

Our Biotechnology

We look worldwide for the most advanced, pioneer and with proven results biotech to answer each product specific needs.
The biotech we use is always: 100% natural and certified

  • Always tested on clinical trails (in vivo) and ex-vivo (lab analysis)
  • 100% originates from plants. No animal derived ingredients.
  • Safe to use. (passed irritability tests, skin irritation and Cytotoxicity)
  • Always approved by the European cosmetics legislation.
dafnas skincare products at elluna organic beauty dubai

What Would You Gain From It?

Stress can impact the skin negatively, so it’s important to set aside some time to relax, unwind and take care of yourself.

Is a way of keeping you present and to reconnect your center and create balance within you and will help you not only with your psychical self but your inner self, that you don ́t access to as often as you should. Nothing boosts confidence like healthy bright and glowing skin.

Bringing ”My Moment” ritual to your daily routine would not only give set your free from stress and give your inner peace, but you would also see immediate results of how your skin will look and feel afterwards