Elluna is the UAE’s latest organic beauty e-comm site on the scene, and they only sell plastic-free products

We love a good beauty e-comm platform. When it’s sustainable and organic beauty? We 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Ella Doskocilova is vibin’ on the same frequency as us which is why she created Elluna Organic Beauty. Not only does the site offer a range of skin and hair products, but organic clothes too, like comfy period panties and soft, natural bras. We chatted with Ella to find out more about her mission as well as the brands she carries.


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via Instagram @ellunaorganicbeauty


Cosmo ME: Why did you create Elluna Organic Beauty?


Ella Doskocilova: I created Elluna Organic Beauty because at the time there weren’t any brands available on the market that I liked. There was only a very small selection of available products in the UAE market which were truly free from chemicals and nasties. This is when I saw an opportunity to offer people more than just beauty and lifestyle products.



I wanted to share the knowledge that we have accumulated here at Elluna Organic Beauty when it comes to organic and sustainable products. I love working with the power of nature and wanted to share this with the people of the Middle East.


C: What makes Elluna stand out amongst the many beauty e-comm platforms in the GCC?


ED: We actually aren’t just an e-comm platform in the GCC. You can find our products in different retail stores too. Elluna is different because we check each ingredient within the product to make sure they are ethically produced. All our brands are sustainable and we don’t carry products that use plastic packaging.


organic beauty

via Instagram @ellunaorganicbeauty


C: Why do you only carry organic products? What exactly makes a product “organic”?


ED: We carry only organic products because the ingredients are effective and eco-conscious. The land used to produce organic crops must be free of synthetic fertilizers and most conventional pesticides for three years prior to harvesting. Organic beauty products do not contain ingredients that have been genetically engineered or exposed to radiation, which is commonly used to kill bacteria and insects in the environment.


C: Can you tell us about the brands you carry on your platform? Do any of them hold a special place in your heart?

Both skincare brands contain patented biotechnology. One is Ayurvedic brand Dafna’s Skin Care and the other is Korean-Ayurvedic hybrid brand Yage Organics, which is waterless.



All brands focus on the aromatherapy experience whilst using them. We also offer mineral sunscreen, Amazinc, which is sustainable with very clean ingredients. This is not easy to achieve when it comes to sunscreens. Ours is oil based and water-resistant, perfect for all skin types.


I can’t forget our period panties. Sayu brand changed my life! I feel comfortable and safe throughout my period. They are produced in the Czech Republic and the mulesing-free inner layer is made from merino wool. Sayu uses very high-quality lace so even at that time of the month, women can feel sultry.


C: What are you top three picks from Elluna?


ED: My top three picks are period panties from Sayu, Moisture Light + Face Cream from Dafna’s Skin Care, and Hello Beautiful Face Serum from Yage Organics.



C: If someone was going to buy only one product from Elluna to get a flavor of what your beauty e-comm is all about, which product would you recommend?


ED: All our skincare is very gentle on the skin and feels amazing. To boost and hydrate the skin we need to prepare our skin with essential organic beauty products. For me these are makeup removers and cleansers. I love the makeup remover from Yage Organics – Snow White, where the deep cleansing oil lifts impurities and unclogs the pores. As a second step, I recommend Purify Cleanser from Dafna’s Skin Care, which is very gentle and non-foamy. It helps to control sebum production and is good for dark spots, too.


organic beauty

via Instagram @ellunaorganicbeauty


To check out the selection of products on your own, hit up Elluna Organic Beauty here.