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Your one-stop shop for all things organic, natural, sustainable, and good for you! We have curated a strong portfolio of brands that cater to your natural beauty needs. From haircare and skincare to organic clothing and perfumes.


Elluna strongly believes in brands that care for the environment and provide the necessary information to arm the customer with the knowledge they need to make their purchase. Understanding what works and what is in the products you are purchasing is important for you to make an informed decision.



Amazinc! Skincare started with a mantra “Natural and functional sun protection”. They represent the love for nature and care about the skin when enjoying outdoor treats under the sun. Amazinc successfully implemented new technology in the field of mineral UV protection with safe UV filters, non-nano and uncoated.


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The Nude Label

They only work with factory partners who share their vision and see it through by continuously researching and finding ways to improve their environmental and sustainable practices. They offer comfortable, colorful everyday essentials. All their clothing is made from organic cotton and recycled polyamide, with no pesticides, non-toxic dyes, anti-pilling fabric, and shape retention.


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Maison Sybarite

Maison Sybarite was founded with a mission to enact a renaissance in fine fragrance through skin-safe science; by raising awareness of alcohol’s impacts and our constant environmental exposure. They take advantage of patented technology, oil-in-water (o/w) to bring the world’s first alcohol-free, water-based fine fragrances to life.


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SAYU is a new brand of Czech period panties featuring unique technology. SAYU panties are environmentally friendly, but above all, they give you a feeling of freedom and elegance. These period panties have a functional pad sewn into them. Menstrual blood passes through the interior layer knitted from merino wool, which has antibacterial properties, is incredibly comfortable to wear on your skin, and guarantees you’ll feel dry and fresh.


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Lov Joi

Lov Joi provides sustainable fashion made with Brugnoli’s proprietary technology that uses a completely renewable resource – the oil of the castor plant – to produce a yarn that is in no way inferior to standard nylon. In addition, the use of this vegetable raw material does not affect the food chain of humans and animals.


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Yage Organics

Yage’s products are designed according to Korean skincare traditions. Traditionally in Korea and other Asian countries, beautiful and flawless skin is considered very important, resulting in one of the most developed skin care systems in the world. Using this as inspiration, they have created a beauty process, so that you can benefit from this rich ancient knowledge. It is easy to think of Yage rituals as different layers, which are applied according to their number. You can also choose and enjoy your favorite product without following all the steps.


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Kevin Murphy

Born from the same philosophy as skincare, KEVIN.MURPHY products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength, and longevity. Combining hi-tech scientific knowledge with the best natural ingredients available, KEVIN.MURPHY products provide the tools to recreate high-fashion runway looks in the salon or at home, while always remaining kind to the environment.


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Dafna’s Skincare

Dafna ́s personal skincare goes beyond addressing skin issues, they are providing you with this ritual to treat yourself as a whole being inside and outside. This routine is based on the application of the products with a unique massage, traditional oriental pulsing techniques, and essential oils impact elevating your skin ritual to another level.


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Kost Kamm

Their expertise in the old craft of comb making is based on a long family tradition. For several generations, their family has been comb makers. It is the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology that allows them to produce combs that meet their high standards of functionality, sustainability, and beauty.


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We are very proud of all the brands we are offering and will continue to grow with eco-friendly and conscious partners who care for people’s wellbeing as they do the environment. Check out the brands we trust on our website and let us know which one is your favorite.