Everything You Need To Know About Elluna

elluna organic beauty dubai

Elluna is a dedicated space that features curated, organic, and sustainable products. We aim to offer people the most authentic and environmentally conscious skincare, and cosmetics. The goal is to better inform people in the Middle East about the impact of their choices and create a loyal community by introducing the market to clean beauty products with quality, natural ingredients.


Ella and Malda are the co-founders of Elluna, who are committed to delivering the best quality products as well as information about everything sustainable and natural.


‘Elluna is a natural extension of what I like and know. I am excited to bring this wealth of knowledge and range of products to the world starting from Dubai. It’s nice to help people feel the connection we have with nature.’ – Ella, co-founder.


‘This will be our space to offer not only useful information about skin health and organic beauty but also pure and natural products that are produced with herbs, flowers, fruits, and other organic ingredients. I look forward to extending a helping hand to everyone in the Middle East.’ – Malda, co-founder.


Elluna is for everyone who is looking for clean products that enhance their beauty and boosts their confidence. However, Elluna welcomes all with open arms to explore the well of knowledge it is prepared to offer about the natural beauty, look, and connection to the elements of life around us. In addition to exploring the organic and clean lifestyle when it comes to skin and beauty products.


We value authenticity, the happiness of the community, and taking proper care of the skin, hair, and body above all else. We believe that every person is entitled to have knowledge and expertise with relation to the items they choose and that they can rest easy knowing that their items are clean, environmentally sustainable, and cruelty-free.


Our mission is to change the way people think about the ingredients they use on their bodies and encourage a cultural shift towards natural, chemical-free options. We aim to enhance people’s cognizance and create a culture where the average Middle East resident is aware of and has the opportunity to easily purchase natural skincare, cosmetics, and sustainable organic clothing.


Elluna’s range stretches from cosmetics to sustainable products. All products are naturally made with organic elements. We are offering a Natural Skincare collection, Clean Beauty products, and Organic Lingerie and Swimwear:


Natural Skincare

Every person should be taking extra care of their skin using the right products with clean, harmless ingredients that will protect their skin and keep it healthy and glowing. Our natural skincare collection features a selection of serums, lotions, moisturizers, and more that are curated to give every customer a refreshing and rejuvenating feeling after every use.


Clean Beauty

Feeling beautiful doesn’t have to come with a cost. We believe in clean, natural, and healthy beauty, therefore, we are providing everyone with the products they need to accentuate their natural beauty. This range includes your typical cosmetics products; lipstick, mascara, blush, etc. all manufactured with natural ingredients and minerals that add value to your skin health.


Organic Lingeries & Swimwear 

The clothes we choose to expose our body to can have effects on our skin and aura. Elluna is the solution to looking good and feeling good. Our collections of lingerie and swimwear, much like the other ranges of products, are created using sustainable and recycled material. We understand that every element we use to develop a product can affect the skin. Apart from the natural aspect, the collections we have at Elluna are all beautifully designed and manufactured to complement every customers’ radiant beauty.


Elluminate your lifestyle with more knowledge and by adopting the products that are not only good for you but the environment as well.