Everything You Need To Know About Period Panties

Sayu Period Panties products from elluna

Period panties are the new trend, and they are useful! Gone are the days of wearing cumbersome and wasteful pads or tampons. All you need now is a pair of period underwear and you are set for your cycle.


At Elluna, we absolutely love Sayu’s period panties because they are both functional and elegant. Sayu offers a great selection of underpants that cater to all kinds of women, from high waist to lacey ones. Each one is made with complete attention to detail and zero waste making them sustainable, cute, and comfortable.


These period panties have a functional pad sewn into them. Menstrual blood passes through the interior layer knitted from merino wool and guarantees a dry and fresh feeling all day long. Sayu ensures they use merino wool for their period panties for its numerous desirable properties:
➔ Silky to the touch
➔ Antibacterial properties
➔ Prevents odors
➔ Naturally elastic
➔ Thermoregulating capabilities
➔ Wicks away moisture
➔ Breathable even after becoming wet


After passing the merino wool layer, the blood is then wicked away into an absorbent layer of bamboo. The bamboo has a high absorption capacity, as well as antibacterial and odor-blocking properties. Underneath those layers lies a special impermeable yet breathable inlay that protects your clothes.
For heavy flows, we recommend having a pair of undies during the cycle, otherwise, for light flow or light days, one pair of underwear should be enough. It all depends on what you feel comfortable with the most. After all, the undies are washable and can be used more than once, so it wouldn’t hurt to have a pair that you can switch between when needed.


Follow these washing instructions to make sure you clean the panties correctly without damaging the materials:
● Wash before the first use – this step cannot be skipped, as it activates the absorptive power of your panties.
● We recommend a machine run at 40°C, with the spin cycle speed set at a maximum of 1,000 rpm.
● It’s crucial that you use liquid wool detergent. Always using a laundry net for delicates helps protect the merino wool.
● Don’t use fabric softener – the panties would no longer be absorbent, and the membrane might moreover become damaged.
● After use, rinse the panties in cold water. If you want, you can add soap that is suitable for wool (i.e., soap on lanoline or olive oil basis, or Marseille soap).
● However, we strongly advise against using cosmetic soap, bile soap, or curd soap.
● Gently knead the panties under your fingers in the crotch area. Don’t rub them!
● Also, don’t wring them, just squeeze them lightly until they no longer drip.
● Wash your panties using a 40°C washing program and let them dry inside-out (but not on a radiator or in direct contact with a heated rack).


If you follow these steps, the merino layer will remain soft and smooth for many months without pilling. There is no rush; the used panties won’t smell or stain. You can then wash them as part of your regular laundry at your convenience. Your panties are again ready to use!
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