Halal, Vegan Nail Polish – How it works and Benefits!


Our body is connected in more ways than we think. In fact, the appearance of your nails and their strength can indicate a lot about your body’s overall health status. Likewise, the way we treat our body and our lifestyle can have a direct effect on our nails. From the food we eat to the products we choose to expose ourselves to, they can all have an effect on our nails.


Your nails should look and feel healthy, what does that mean? It means your nails should be strong, not brittle – they shouldn’t break off easily or bend. Your nails shouldn’t have discoloration or spots because that would be indicative of health issues. To keep your nails healthy you should consume foods rich in biotin and protein.


Additionally, drinking water and applying hand lotion helps keep your nails hydrated from the inside and out. Consider moisturizing your hands (especially your nails) after washing your hands or removing nail polish to keep the moisture in your nails. An overlooked aspect is that we should keep our hands and nails away from cleaning products since they often contain harmful chemicals. Wearing a rubber glove can help you avoid any potential damage to your nail while cleaning.


We all want to have healthy nails that look good and for the times when we want to look extra cute, applying nail polish is our go-to. To make sure you are maintaining the health of your nails and avoiding any harmful ingredients, you should consider vegan nail polish. This means the polish is made without any animal-derived ingredients, this includes the production process as well as the formula itself.


Regular nail polishes often contain animal ingredients like fish scales and beeswax, while vegan polishes only use natural or manmade substances. Choosing vegan nail polish is an environmentally conscious and sustainable decision for your health as well as for nature. You are choosing to apply only natural products to your body keeping it chemical-free and you are actively reducing the harm inflicted on animals by supporting the alternative options.


While some might think vegan nail polish is a new fad that will die down, we are here to say that it should be a staple. We should always choose the natural alternative options, even when it comes to nail polish!


At Elluna, we always look for brands that follow our ethics and sustainable approach. So, when searching for nail polishes we partnered with Nailberry. It is certified by world-recognized agencies and strives to deliver products that observe not only our core values but the principles of the Vegan lifestyle and complies with the Halal & Hygiene Guidelines. All the while respecting & valuing the lives of our animal friends.


Using the latest patented technology, the L’Oxygéné range delivers colour in a healthier manicure. The range has since been complemented with an extensive range of Nail Treatments exclusively designed to further treat and repair damaged nails. The L’Oxygéné range has been formulated to be free from


●      Phthalates including DBP ●      Toluene
●      Formaldehyde ●      Formaldehyde Resin
●      Camphor ●      Xylene
●      Ethyl Tosylamide ●      Triphenyl Phosphate
●      Alcohol ●      Parabens
●      Animal Derivates ●      Gluten


Good news! To all our Muslim ladies, Nailberry nail polish is breathable making it halal to apply even when you’re not on your period. We understand that for wudu (or ablution), you need the water to reach your nail properly. Breathable nail polish is formulated in a way that allows water to pass through to the nails. This makes breathable polishes a lot better for your nails as it helps keep them hydrated and nourished promoting stronger and healthier nails.


The Nailberry range uses patented technology to deliver vibrant polishes which have been formulated to be:


  • Breathable/Oxygenated
  • Water Permeable
  • Free From Nasties
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Halal Certified


The L’Oxygéné colour assortment consists of 48 much loved classic and fashion-inspired shades. The range is updated seasonally with limited-edition trend shades. Explore the full range on our website here, or visit our shop at Kulture House to see the colours up close and pick the one that best suits you!