Khan Al Saboun Body Oils and Bath Salts

Is it bath time? Then grab yourself some bath salts and body oils to give yourself the full spa experience at home. Shop on Elluna the fantastic collection of bath and body products from Khan Al Saboun. All their products are organic, using natural ingredients with amazing benefits.


Every one of us deserves some alone time to reflect, relax, and recharge. Bath time is usually the best time to really drain out all your worries and enjoy a calming sensation mentally and physically. This is why we fully recommend these bath salts as a must during your bath.

The Lavender Sea Salt calms, protects, and detoxifies the body from bacteria while also removing dead skin cells. It is suitable for all skin types and is perfect to give you that healthy scented skin glow.


The Green Tea Sea Salt refreshes, protects, repairs, and absorbs stress, stains, fungus, and bacteria. It is also suitable for all skin types and leaves you with fresh and smooth skin.


Right after your bath, we urge you to keep the self-care going. Pamper yourself with amazingly scented body oils that are perfect for massages and as a long-lasting perfume. You can explore the full range from Khan Al Saboun on our website, here is a preview:

Incense Body Oil is gently absorbed by the body into the pores leaving it beautifully scented and moisturized, it can also be used for intimate places.


Night Secret Body Oil is one of the best warming and stimulating body oils. Leaves your skin feeling beautiful, smooth, radiant, and moisturized.


Green Tea and Lemongrass Body Oil moisturizes, nourishes, and refreshes all skin types. It gives a soft, irresistible, and smooth feeling. Can be used for intimate places.


Musk Body Oil is known as one of the most elegant and unique compositions, with an attractive smell used for men, women, and children giving a beautiful smell to the body and the clothes.


Chamomile and Tea Tree Body Oil is one of the best romantic scents; it can be used for healing and soothing as well for newborns to promote sleep due to its unique tranquilizing scent.


No matter which scent you choose, you will reap amazing benefits from the first try!

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