maison sybarite at elluna organic beauty

Our Story

Maison Sybarite was founded with a mission to enact a renaissance in fine fragrance through skin-safe science; by raising awareness of alcohol’s impacts and our constant environmental exposure, as wel as offering a healthy yet luxurious perfume alternative – starting with the perfume’s base.

Maison sybarite takes advantage of a patented technology, oil-in-water (o/w) to bring the world’s first alcohol-free, water-based fine fragrances to life.

Discovering a base for a conscious, long-lasting perfume was an extensive process due to limited market choices: there was oil, glycerine wax, and alcohol. Annabel and Katia were seeking a perfume base both skin-safe and safe for the planet; even organic alcohol is not kind to skin. A better alternative, it was not their clean solution: water.

Two years of exploration took place prior to discovering Masion Sybarite’s Paris-based manufacturer at a Dubai tradeshow, and their patented technology – as well as being introduced to independent Master perfumer and pioneer of the slow perfume movement, Antoine Lie.

Maison Sybarite creates alcohol-free, water-based fine fragrances for hedonists, which feel equally as luxurious and bring the same confidence and sensuality for the wearer.

maison sybarite at elluna organic beauty
maison sybarite at elluna organic beauty

Master Perfumers | Antoine Lie

Maison Sybarite’s perfumer of choice is French independent Master perfumer Antoine Lie; reputed for his unique and avant-garde approach, as wel as holding a chemistry degree. He dares to chal enge the status quo as a pioneer of the slow perfume movement and conscious sourcing of ingredients, refusing to wal off his work from his deepest values.

Throughout his career, Antoine has created bestsel ers – Tom Ford Café Rose, Armani Code/Black Code, Versace Crystal Noir, Burberry Brit Gold, Paul Smith London for men – and niche perfumes – Cire Trudon Bruma, Puredistance Black, Etat Libre d’orange Rien, Wonderwood Comme des Garçons –

“A strong primary instinct, surprised in a modern light, gives birth to a fragrance col ection that stands the test of time. Awakening the power of the unconscious inspires me to combine the strength of nature with its nobility. Next generation water-based fine fragrance brand is born. This unexplored, newly accessed territory offers a unique sensorial experience, making it possible to achieve what conventions usual y prohibit.”


The “Sybarite” in the house’s name originates from Ancient Greece’s progressive city of opulence and luxury on the Ionian coast, Sybaris – now Calabria in the beautiful y rugged south of Italy.

Sybarites are known for having been ahead of their time; for emphasising balanced lifestyle choices to increase productivity, appreciate a more harmonious coexistence with nature, and heighten transcendent mindfulness.

Sybarites were advanced in both their policies and way of life, associating pleasure with work, arts, nature, living wel , and wel -being. A conscious, contemporary sybarite is one who is total y devoted to sensuality and al of life’s pleasures, while also being respectful of the environment.

Master Perfumers have taken advantage of this abundance, featuring spices and aromatic herbs within their olfactive masterpieces, alongside precious woods.

maison sybarite at elluna organic beauty