New Summer Skincare Ritual: Dafna’s Body Care

It is time to extend your skincare ritual to your entire body. We are happy to bring you Dafna’s 3-step body care ritual. Let your skin reap its benefits and enjoy healthy, glowing skin with soft-velvety touch. This 360-body treatment keeps the skin vibrant and hydrated in addition to reducing any water accumulation and cellulitis, especially in older women.


Dafna’s body care ritual will be a perfect addition to your summer skincare routine, as it keeps your body cool, calm, and energized. You can enjoy the set or use each product on its own. Either way, you will regain your youth and you will feel the difference internally and externally. In addition to helping you get a glowing look every day, the body care ritual also has many other benefits, including:


  • Enhances skin youth and natural balance. Promotes healthy skin tone with a natural glow.
  • Helps to reduce signs of aging in the skin, such as dull skin, hyper-pigmentation, and dryness.
  • Reduces visually cellulitis signs (levels 1-2) and has a drainage effect (reduces accumulated water in the body).
  • Reduces irritations and calms the skin.
  • Helps recover the body’s essential fats and minerals that are reduced and lost over time.
  • Enriches the skin with vitamins and anti-antioxidants.


How does the ritual work?

On moist skin, apply Harmony oil and massage the skin. Using The Himalayan Salt stone massage in light circular movements over the skin (avoid delicate or wounded areas and focus on areas that need more activation like the gluteus and arms).


Movements should be solid, upwards, and soft. Finish the treatment with the Youth serum by applying small strokes over the skin. Again, focus on massaging the gluteus, legs, and arms. Enjoy the vibrant, fresh, nourishing effect!


Here is a closer look at each product in this Body Care Ritual set 👇🏼


Calming | Nourishing | Revitalizing


The calming and hydrating Harmony oil with its renovating and healing effects provides quick absorption and seals the hydration so our skin feels soft and nourished throughout the day.


Composed of an exclusive selection of organic oils, and soothing and healing extracts that give your skin everything you need to see it healthy and calm.


Mineralizes | Revitalizes | Vibrant and drainage effect


Hand collected and made from the Himalayas, the stones are highly concentrated with Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Potassium, which are essential to maintain the balance and health of the organism.


Anti-cellulite | Deeply Hydrates | Organic and Vegan | Fast absorbing | Formula based on medical treatment


This serum is developed based on medicinal cases of atopic skin where deep hydration & nutrition are essential for rebuilding the skin cells, but the texture has to be light and to be absorbed fast with no oiliness residues.


Youth Recovery Bioactive Body serum is above 60% organic serum, made with key ingredients of Curcuma, Aloe vera, Caffeine, Carnitine, Betanin, and Moringa oil.


Youth Recovery fights skin aging by hydrating the skin in-depth, toning and energizing the skin, and providing a firm, light, and nutritive aspect to the skin. It reduces cellulitis (levels 1- 2) by energizing the fats. Youth Recovery helps to reduce skin oxidation and leaves the skin feeling smooth and vibrant.


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