Organic and Sustainable Clothing Options. What are they? And Why Should We Choose Them?

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Your skin is your first line of defense, so you must treat it with utmost care. We find people rushing to buy the latest anti-aging creams and staying away from the sun to make sure their skin stays plump and healthy.


But have you thought of what you choose to cover your skin with? Your clothes can have an impact on your skin too! The skin can absorb a lot, things you see and things you don’t. Some clothes are made with harmful chemicals or fabrics that may irritate and damage your skin.


It is your responsibility to seek clean options that keep your skin safe while still helping you look more fabulous than ever. Of course, we understand that making a huge shift in your wardrobe is the most daunting process. So, don’t do that… start small and make your way from there.


First and foremost, you have to understand what is organic and sustainable clothing so you can make better, more informed choices. The shift towards sustainable clothing was a movement that started to draw attention to the fast fashion industry and shed light on the environmental damages that are being caused.


To churn out more clothes at a faster pace, companies relied heavily on harmful chemicals such as pesticides. This has a serious impact on the biological order of many specifies. One of the most popular fabrics that have been the center of attention is Cotton. From this sustainable clothing movement, rose the need for organic cotton.


Organic cotton is, simply, cotton that has been harvested through ethical procedures without chemical interferences. Just like we care deeply about what we inject our food with when it comes to GMOs, we should be conscious of what we are allowing to put on our bodies.


Choosing organic and sustainable options is the way to go and has benefits on multiple levels. You will be contributing to improving the general status on the environmental, physical, and economical levels. Here are our top 3 reasons why we love sustainable clothing:


1- Look good + feel good

You get feel-good energy when choosing what is right for yourself and the environment around you. When you choose the overall better option you get a sense of connection with nature and you bring the world a step closer to a better future.


2- Better and more fair practices

Fast fashion contributes to an immense amount of environmental damage like water pollution, increased carbon emissions, and heaps of waste. On the other hand, sustainable clothing effectively uses less water, recycled, eco-friendly materials, in addition to implementing fair and just labor practices.


3- Higher quality and better for your skin

The eco-friendly fabrics used in sustainable clothing have much better quality and durability. So you get to look just as fabulous while doing good for your skin and the environment. Sustainable clothes are also much better for irritable and sensitive skin, preventing chemicals from interfering with your natural and healthy epidermis.


To make sure you are on the right path while shopping, we recommend that you do your research beforehand. Look for the brands that are at the forefront of change for good, the ones who are using organic and sustainable practices without forgoing quality.


Elluna will be your Middle East distributor of Organic and Sustainable clothing, so you can rest assured that your shopping needs will be done without any ethical baggage ?


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