Water-Based Perfumes – Why Are They Better?

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With the development of modern chemistry, scientists discovered ways to mimic nature’s gifts into synthetic compounds, allowing for greater possibilities in the world of aromas. Today, almost all perfumes are 100% synthetically derived.


The downside – exposing us to many different and unquantifiable health hazards. When you get used to reading labels, you’ll notice towards the end of the ingredient list that the constituents of essential oils may be listed instead of their Latin or common name.


Constituents of some essential oil are known allergens or sensitisers as per the European Union 26 Fragrance Allergens List. Here are 10 of these Fragrance Allergens that need warning labels as required by the EU, most of which are alcohol-based:


●      Amylcinnamyl alcohol ●      Cinnamyl alcohol
●      Anisyl alcohol ●      Eugenol
●      Benzyl alcohol ●      Cetyl alcohol
●      Benzyl Benzoate ●      Lanolin and lanolin alcohols
●      Methyl 2-ocytnoate ●      Coumarin


According to a 2013 report released by Women’s Voices for the Earth, almost 20% of the general population is sensitised to at least one allergen. This is why, we seek out the more natural, sustainable, and harmless options – Water-based Perfumes!


In the world of perfumes, water-based perfumes are a bit of an outlier. These less concentrated formulations, which are typically made up of botanical oils, essences, and pared-down natural ingredients instead of artificial additives and lab-derived complexes, can be incredibly difficult to make.


With pure fragrances that use elements from nature, you can really enjoy the true scent of the perfume. As opposed to alcohol-based perfumes, where the alcohol overtakes some of the notes and takes away the true aroma. Additionally, alcohol is considered a drying agent which is why most alcohol-based perfumes tend to ‘disappear’ faster.


Setting the qualities of the perfume scent aside, your skin health gets affected by alcohol-based perfumes. Ethanol is the kind of alcohol used in most perfumes, which our skin registers as a poison. If you’ve ever noticed yourself developing an allergy to a certain perfume, it is likely that your skin is simply rejecting ethanol.


You absorb the chemicals found in perfumes through your skin, nose, and mouth. The toxins that are found in perfumes readily absorb into your bloodstream and accumulate in your tissues and organs. Your body does its best to filter out as many of the toxins as it can, but some are harder than others to eliminate.


Going back to alcohol’s drying properties, these perfumes will also have a negative effect on your skin, especially when used for a long period of time. Your skin starts to dry out more as you apply the perfume and the alcohol strips away your natural oils and scents.


At Elluna, we always choose the best for our skin, health, and our environment. We value the natural and sustainable options, hence we proudly present Maison Sybarite – who develop water-based perfumes that are beautifully scented and long-lasting. You can explore the full range of perfumes on our website or at our physical store in Kulture House.


Maison Sybarite was founded to create a renaissance in exquisite fragrance through skin-safe technology, raising awareness of alcohol’s effects and our daily exposure to the environment, and providing a healthy yet luxury perfume alternative – starting with the base.


Maison Sybarite uses unique oil-in-water (o/w) technology to create the world’s first alcohol-free, water-based fine perfumes.


Due to the limited market options, finding a base for a conscious, long-lasting fragrance was a long and complicated process: there was oil, glycerine wax, and alcohol. Annabel and Katia, co-founders of Maison Sybarite, were looking for a perfume base that was both skin-friendly and environmentally friendly; even organic alcohol is harsh on the skin.


For individualists, Maison Sybarite develops alcohol-free, water-based fine perfumes that feel just as rich and instill the same sense of confidence and sensuality in the wearer.


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